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Erase your skin blemishes

Who doesn't like to enjoy the summer? We love to take advantage of the good weather outdoors. But watch out! If we don't take the right precautions, when we return from vacation we may find ourselves with an unpleasant surprise: spots!

You look in the mirror and see that something is different, something has changed, but you don't know what it is. You take a good look and... there they are! Spots have appeared on your face! How is it possible? What happened?

To explain why spots appear on your face, you need to understand what solar radiation is: the sun's rays are more intense in summer. The sun's UV, IR, VIS and HEV radiation cause skin photoaging, which is reflected on the face: dull, lifeless skin, wrinkles and also spots.

These spots usually appear because we have not adequately protected ourselves from the sun. In this way our skin has been exposed to damage that can have serious consequences. The spots appear because the melanocytes (cells present in our skin) secrete an increased amount of melanin. In addition, there are hormonal, environmental and genetic factors that favor their appearance.

Erasing facial blemishes

If the damage has already been done, if the dreaded spots have already appeared because we have not done our homework, what can we do to eliminate them? Fortunately, we have a plan for you. We've prepared a depigmentation routine for you to get rid of unsightly facial blemishes and prevent them from reappearing.

  1. CLEANSING. This step is a staple of any skin care routine. To help the active ingredients of the products we apply to penetrate more easily into the skin and be more effective, we must remove impurities and traces of makeup. It is important to clean our face both in the morning and before going to bed. We will continue the depigmenting routine with specific products from the new HD MELAN TXA line, formulated to reduce blemishes and restore an even skin tone thanks to its specific active ingredients:
  2. In the daytime, after cleansing we will apply a depigmenting concentrate that acts on the deepest layers and intensively on blemishes: HD MELAN TXA Serum.
  3. Next, apply HD MELAN TXA Day Gel Cream, formulated to reduce blemishes and restore an even skin tone. It also protects against UVA, UVB and IR radiation thanks to its SPF50+ protection factor. It is essential that you protect your skin with a high protection factor every day, especially in summer.
  4. In the evening, we would apply HD MELAN TXA Night Gel Cream to renew the skin, reduce blemishes and even out the tone. The result: a smooth and even texture. 
  5. We already know that blemishes are not exclusive to the face, they can also appear anywhere on the body. For this reason, you can use HD MELAN TXA Body Lotion, which not only moisturizes but also improves the appearance of spots, even the darkest ones.

With prevention and perseverance we will be able to get rid of blemishes and achieve a homogeneous skin tone. 

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