HD MAS·K DETOX & OXYGEN, awarded Most Innovative Product in Facial Beauty

Spanish pharmacists have chosen HD MAS·K DETOX & OXYGEN as MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT IN FACIAL BEAUTY at the XV Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards.

The award was collected by Marta Dubón, Product Manager of HD COSMETIC EFFICIENCY, at the award gala held at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.

The category Most Innovative Product in Facial Beauty also had the following finalist brands: CANTABRIA LABS, ALTER, GALENIC, and KPS.

The HD COSMETIC EFFICIENCY brand already won the award for the Most Innovative Product in Anti-Aging in the previous edition, awarded to HD NOX+ BIBOOST.

HD MAS·K DETOX & OXYGEN is a detoxifying facial mask with a double action: oxygenating and exfoliating. It cleanses in depth, freeing the skin of impurities, toxins and dead cells.

The fast pace of life and our continuous exposure to harmful external agents (radiation, pollution, toxins) take their toll on the skin.

The skin deserves a moment of special care in which it feels the protagonist.

HD MAS·K is the intensive care for a unique skin, specially formulated to maintain healthy skin. It achieves immediately visible results:

Deep cleanses and frees the skin from impurities, toxins and dead cells thanks to the exfoliating action of its microspheres.
The oxygenating action of oxygen microbubbles on the skin stimulates cell regeneration and reveals a new radiance thanks to its 'renewed skin' effect. Continued use reduces pore size and refines skin texture.
Its unique evanescent texture transforms on contact with the skin.

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