HD REDEFINER Serum, the firming star


Time leaves its mark on the skin. It is something we cannot avoid, but we can slow down skin aging. Sagging is one of the effects of the passage of time and, along with wrinkles, the one that causes most concern.

Why does sagging appear?

It is a chained process that begins with the loss of bone density, continues with the sagging of facial ligaments, the reduced strength of bone and fat structures, the reduction of fibroblast activity and, finally and as a consequence of all of the above, the skin loses elasticity.

Double chin

By losing elasticity, expression lines and wrinkles become visible on the skin, as it is unable to recover its initial state after any gesture or facial expression. Another consequence is fluid retention, which can lead to this excess weight pushing down the facial oval and the dreaded double chin.

Firm skin

No one wants flaccid skin, without firmness or tension. We want our skin to have vitality and firmness. We want skin that is alive and healthy.

How can we restore firmness to the face? With dermocosmetics formulated specifically for this purpose and with active ingredients capable of reaching deeper into the skin. This detail is key to activating fibroblasts, which are responsible for synthesizing collagen and elastin and ensuring the health of the dermal matrix, the skin's true support.

HD REDEFINER is the ideal way to achieve this. It will help you to firm the skin and restore its natural elasticity. If you haven't tried it yet, we recommend you start with HD REDEFINER Serum.

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