The ideal textures for summer

You step outside and the sun beats down on you. You take two steps and the humidity becomes your new and inseparable friend... You haven't even been away from the artificial paradise of air conditioning for a minute and you already regret having left the house.

You've dressed up, with a light dress, open shoes... but you've applied the same cosmetics you use in winter. You realize that now in summer they are too dense; your skin can hardly absorb them. And you ask yourself: "If I change my wardrobe and dress less in summer, why do I use the same cosmetics, the same textures, both in winter and in summer? Shouldn't I use lighter, more easily absorbed textures in summer?

This article is going to answer your questions.
The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and did you know that it can weigh up to 6 kilos? However, we don't always take proper care of it. How many times have you been to the dentist in the last two years? And the dermatologist? The truth is that we don't pay much attention to it?

How can we help our skin?
Taking care of your skin means paying attention to it, being attentive to any changes it undergoes (check spots and moles, changes in color, shape, if new ones appear...). Taking care of it also means avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, protecting it from environmental aggressions, such as pollution... And, of course, using cosmetic products with pharmaceutical guarantees: dermo-cosmetics.

We assume that each skin need requires a specific product: wrinkles, blemishes, flaccidity, dehydration, etc. However, we do not give textures the importance they deserve.

Textures, in addition to creating unique sensory experiences, are capable of improving the efficacy of products. To do this, we must choose the one that suits our skin. Choosing the right texture will help the active ingredients penetrate the skin better and be more effective. In hot weather, it is also essential to choose products with light, pleasant textures that are easily absorbed and not too dense.

Ideal textures for summer
The serum is a concentrate of active ingredients that has an intensive action. Its light texture and rapid absorption make it the cosmetic of choice. Now in summer, we recommend HD BLUMOIST Serum. The HD BLUMOIST line is designed to moisturize the skin and protect it from blue light (HEV radiation), which is generated by electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, computer screens, etc. Apply it and you will see how quickly your skin absorbs it.

Its perfect complement is HD BLUMOIST AQUA GEL, which will undoubtedly surprise you with its user experience. On contact with the skin, its evanescent texture turns into water droplets that are immediately absorbed. It will leave your skin moisturized, but without a greasy feeling. This is one of the products preferred by men precisely because of its lightness.

With this duo, hydration is increased by 78% even after eight hours of application, according to a study. Ninety-five percent of the volunteers who participated in this study say that BLUMOIST "deeply moisturizes, prevents dehydration, softens the skin and leaves no greasy feeling".

As you can see, textures are not only interesting as a sensory experience, they also help to increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Use textures suited to your skin type and needs - your skin will thank you for it!

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